Would you love to wake up refreshed, energised and instantly jump out of bed? Would you love to live every day as your best self, for every day to be productive and enjoyable? Would you love to feel energised and ready to go, the second your alarm goes off?

It’s easily possible, way more comfortable than you think, and getting to this place takes a lot less time than you probably realise…

Without energy and without feeling health and vitality, every day is more challenging, your concentration and focus aren’t as good, you lose your zest…and getting to that goal is ten times harder.

My 14-Minute Morning Energy Ritual

Getting more energy is easier than you might think.

And in my experience, a massive part of living with energy is starting the day right.

When you start the day wrong, you make everything ten times harder.
….if you skip breakfast or have an acidic breakfast you begin a blood sugar spiral that has your energy dipping all over the place.
…when you start the day in a hurry your stress levels and anxiety levels cause you to make decisions on your work, priorities, actions that have a knock-on effect to the rest of your day (and week, and year).
…when you start the day by hitting snooze for the tenth time and drrraaaag yourself out of bed, your slow movement creates a low mood (remember, emotion is created by motion).
….and when you start the day without nourishment you put your body under severe stress to operate and function after an 8 hour fast that all of your energy is taken up by just getting from A to B…

Forming a New Habit: The Power of Doing Something Simple Every Day

Getting to your best ever health, energy, and body is a lot easier than you’ve been led to believe. One of the most powerful things you can do to make this process easy and effortless is to optimise the things you are already doing daily.

I call this ‘habit-hacking’. Sounds weird but let me explain.

If you want to form a new habit or behaviour, the easiest way to do this is to link it to an already existing action.
For instance, when I am coaching people who struggle to drink enough water each day, I tell them to link the hydration habit to something they’re already doing each day. If they clean their teeth twice per day, then relate hydration to this – so they have a big glass of water before or after each teeth cleaning session.

By optimising the things we do DAILY already or switching unhealthy daily rituals to healthy ones – we get success on autopilot…it’s almost overnight success.
And that’s what we’re doing here. We already have a ‘wake up ritual’, but at the moment it’s not optimised. So let’s change that, make it work for us and set ourselves up to WIN!

So Here’s is How to Do it RIGHT:

14 Minutes-a-Day to Energy, Vitality and Positivity!
Morning Ritual #1: Get Straight Up!
Time Taken: 1 minute

This is super important. You have to (HAVE to) get straight up, as soon as your alarm goes off. This is critical. After a concise amount of time (less than a week) you’ll notice that you start to wake up before your alarm goes off anyway, and this is your chance to push back your wake-up-time even earlier if you want to have more time in your day.

By getting up immediately, you’re sending the message to your body that you are ready to start the day, be alert and get moving. This is really important. If you wake up before your alarm already, then simply get up as soon as you wake up!

The best piece of advice I can give you to help you to get up as soon as you wake up is this: get excited for your next day the night before. You know how easy it is to get up when you know the second you wake up that you are doing something fascinating that day (maybe going on a holiday, getting a present or it’s your birthday – you know the kind of thing I mean). The second you wake up, you know it in every part of your body, and you leap right out of bed – no matter how tired you are.

You can do this whenever you like! You just have to get excited about something the night before that you’re going to do the next day.


Morning Ritual #2: Super-Hydrate, Straight Away
Time Taken: 2 minutes

This is critically important – as soon as you’re up, head for the water.
Your body has been through an eight-hour fast, it is dehydrated. You simply have to get those cells hydrated again before you expect your body to move, get active, process, detoxify, metabolise and give you energy. Running on caffeine from the moment you wake up is insane. This is a rapid move towards having NO power for the rest of the day.

So as soon as you’re up, get to the water. Drink at least 300ml of water, preferably 500ml. I personally have about 1.5l, but then I know that is not normal – do what works for you, you’ll feel the difference right away.

Morning Ritual #3: Breathing Exercises for Detox, Cleansing and Power
Time Taken: 5 minutes

This is super-cool and super-simple. It cleanses your lymphatic system (one of your body’s central detoxification systems) and gets you centered.

1. Sit in a comfortable position with good posture, get centered
2. Breathe in for a count of 4
3. Hold for a count of 16
4. Breathe out for a count of 8

This 1-4-2 pattern can be made in any multipliers – you could do in for 10, hold for 40, out for 20 if your lungs are up to it!
I repeat this breathing pattern 10-15 times….and while I do it, I concurrently do ritual number 4 below…


Morning Ritual #4: Gratitude, Visualisation & Self-Love
Time Taken: 0 seconds (you do it while you’re doing the breathing exercises)

This is my favourite part of the morning ritual, it centres me, has me feeling focused and REALLY sets up my day to be a success.

• Gratitude: I think that this is a massively undervalued state to be in. So little of our time each day is spent feeling gratitude, but it fills you with positivity to do so. All of my stresses disappear when I focus on gratitude. I love it. So for 2 minutes, eyes closed, I think about all of the things I’m grateful for in my life.

I start with My partner and our life together. I picture my family, I imagine us having happy times. I picture my friends and happy memories of us hanging out and having fun. I feel gratitude for information, ideas, technologies and comforts I have in my life. I feel grateful for being born into the life I have and how it could have been so different if I was born into another time or a foreign country or culture. I feel grateful for the freedoms I have. It could be anything – feeling the emotion is what’s important.

Visualisation of What I Want to Create: this is POWERFUL. For the next 2 minutes, I visualise my most important goals already done, and in as much detail as possible. You could picture your body looking exactly how you want it to look or show yourself seeing some financial result you want to create. Whatever the goals that inspire you most – picture them as DONE!

• Self-Love: not as weird as it sounds, I promise. Just as simple as, for the final minute of the five, I think about myself most positively. I sometimes focus on the things about myself; I like the least and tell myself their great. Just concentrate on how much you love yourself and believe in yourself is powerful.

Morning Ritual #5: Nourish Your Body Right Away
Time Taken: 6 minutes

Finally, I simply HAVE to start the day with a healthy meal. It is an investment in myself and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I will almost always have an alkaline green juice

My breakfasts can include anything from ‘alkaline’ oats on the traditional side, through to a full veggie breakfast on the more ‘advanced’ end of the alkaline scale. But whatever I choose, I know it is nourishing, energy-giving, alkalising and revitalising.

Starting the day with a typical ‘Western’ breakfast is a horror show, from an energy point of view. Eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, milk, cereals, cheese, jam, bread, pastries….all acid-forming, energy-robbing, blood-sugar-spiking mayhem.

PLUS, I know that by having an alkaline vegetable juice, I’ve already had a whole bunch of fresh vegetables before I’ve left the house! It makes the rest of the day’s nutrient intake a bonus!

That’s My Morning Ritual to Get me Energised, Nourished and Feeling Sensational…Before 6:30am!

1. Get straight up and smile
2. Hydrate
3. Breathe
4. Get grateful and visualise success
5. Nourish
That’s It!

This will have you feeling absolutely amazing – even if you only cherry-pick your favourite three parts of this ritual and build up to the rest, you’ll LOVE IT!

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