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Could Antibiotics Be Making You Fat?

Have you ever wondered how gut microbes affect not only your health but also your weight? From as far back as the 1940s, farmers began to notice that low doses of antibiotics helped to fatten livestock. In humans, it has been noted that regular courses of antibiotics...

Meal Ideas for Healthy Gut Bacteria

Looking for some simple meal ideas that help to promote healthy gut bacteria? We have got you covered. There are a number of easy to make dishes that will help to promote a healthy gut. From smoothies to main dishes, these meals are quick, simple, and also delicious....

Live Blood Analysis Demystified

If you've ever wondered how live blood analysis could help you in getting insights into your health, this overview is sure to provide plenty of useful information so that you could become more empowered to make profound decisions about your own health. It only takes a...

Simple Steps to Alkalising the Body

Now that you are starting to see the bigger picture of how acidity ruins your health, how can you start alkalising the body? The good news is that it is easier than you think to embrace an alkaline diet. You don't need to spend a fortune on strange foods or do much...

6 Biggest Dangers of an Acidic Lifestyle

There is no doubt that an acidic lifestyle puts you at risk of disease and many other issues, from decreased energy all the way to serious health conditions that put your life at stake. Simply put, things get very bad, very quickly in a body that is acidic. In fact,...

Can You Change Your Body’s pH Balance?

Did you know that you cannot alter your body's pH balance? Despite popular misconception, the goal of an alkaline diet is not to alter the body's pH levels. Because so many diets claim to alter pH levels, the result is that doctors assume that the entire diet is...

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