C Beyond Health Testimonials

Testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Testimonials from our clients

I have recently completed The Beyond Yourself Experience with C Beyond Health and what an experience it was! Ferdi is an excellent facilitator and really helps you to get to heart of the issues in your life that are holding you back. I left feeling focused, energized and with a very clear understanding of I need to do to achieve my goals in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend this training for individuals or teams who are stuck or not achieving their full potential. Lynette Botha

Sevenpointfive has changed my life. After having my blood tested using Live Blood Analysis I was horrified to see a whole bunch of nasties in my blood. Fortunately, Sevenpointfive has an array of products and recommendations that are specifically geared towards resolving these issues. I did the 5-day detox and on my return visit things were looking MUCH better. It was really satisfying to see that my sacrifice was worth it. The Live Blood Analysis process is really good because you can see for yourself on the screen – there is no guessing. My pH has also improved. Charl de Jong

My daughter started Grade 1 at the beginning of this year. Her teachers were complaining that she is unable to focus and complete the set tasks in the classroom on time. She suggested that I get her assessed for ADHD. I was really hesitant to do this because inevitably the doctors will prescribe Ritalin which is so bad for her health. I saw an advert for Sevenpointfive Mindset and decided to give it a try. It has made such a difference. Her teachers are very happy with her progress and her work has improved significantly. Her mid-year report showed smiley faces on all areas of assessment. I can’t recommend this product enough. Sarah Newman

I suffered with very bad arthritis. One of my friends recommended the Sevenpointfive CMO product. When I called the local Sevenpointfive branch they suggested I come in for an appointment and to do a blood analysis. The appointment was reasonably priced, so I thought why not? It was very interesting to see the results and you can clearly tell why my joints are so painful. They recommended 2 main things; Specific supplements to help improve my arthritis and also a change of diet to try to make my body more alkaline. Arthritis like many chronic diseases is linked to an acidic body. This is not a quick fix, but I feel so much better already. Mike May

I developed Pneumonia last winter and had to take large doses of antibiotics for an extended period. This became a vicious cycle of illness and more antibiotics as my immune system was so compromised – the more anti-biotics I took the more I picked up everything that was going around. I tried everything and eventually out of desperation I responded to a Sevenpointfive advert. I am so glad I did. They explained the importance of gut health in maintaining the immune system and what the impact of anti-biotics is on the good bacteria in the gut. My body was also very acidic which allows germs to thrive. I am now taking supplements to heal my gut and trying to eat according to their recommended diet. I have also added fermented foods to my diet. So far, I have had one cold, but managed to avoid the doctor. I feel much more energetic and my allergies have improved. Michelle Roots

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