“The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.” – Benjamin Disraeli

With warmth and a forward-looking perspective, we are excited to share our special March newsletter edition, aligned with Human Rights Day – a day of great importance to us in South Africa.

Reflection and Celebration: Human Rights Day in Our Community

Many holidays seem to approach suddenly, often catching us by surprise. It appears that for most, the significance of the occasion is overshadowed by the allure of a day off work. If this rings true for you, that’s okay. This year, let’s acknowledge and uphold the importance of good health—a fundamental human right that holds deep meaning during the festive season.

Reflecting on our journey in human rights, we recognise the progress and challenges we’ve faced. However, a crucial aspect of advocacy remains—the right to health, supported by sustainable practices and nourishing food.

Embracing Sustainability Over Corporate Giants

In today’s changing landscape, major players in the food and pharmaceutical industries exert increasing control over our choices. This month, we emphasise and underscore the crucial role of alternative medicine and the healing power found in nature’s offerings.

By collectively supporting local producers and boosting small businesses, we ignite a beacon of hope that fosters self-sufficiency and well-being. Backing these community health advocates is our way of nurturing local ecosystems and economies.

Reinvigorating our Commitment to Nature

Reconnecting with our environment enhances our well-being extensively. This Human Rights Day, we prepare to venture outside, breathe in the fresh air, and remember that our interaction with nature is not a privilege but a right.

With the current trend toward stringent regulations on natural supplements, educating and empowering ourselves with knowledge and the confidence to make healthful choices is crucial.

Envisioning a Future of Health and Unity

Looking towards a brighter, healthier future, we pledge to continue promoting sustainability, health awareness, and the support of local initiatives—anchored on the foundation of our human rights.

Join Us in Commemoration

We invite you to stand with us this Human Rights Day. Be part of the momentum toward a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Participate in community events, support local produce markets, and contribute to a thriving society that values everyone’s right to well-being.

Together, we can chart a path towards a sustainable future, respecting and nurturing the right to a healthy life for all.

To life, health, and sustainability,

Ferdi and the C Beyond Health team


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