About C Beyond Health

C Beyond Health was born out of the absolute conviction that physical and mental health are inextricably bound together.

About C Beyond Health

C Beyond Health was born out of the absolute conviction that physical and mental health are inextricably bound together. This means that, what happens in your mind and in your body are one interconnected system and must be treated holistically. Imagine buying the latest model 4K TV without sound. The brilliant experience of the TV picture is useless, and the story is lost, without the commensurate sound experience. Similarly, your mind and body work together in the same way. Optimum health cannot be sustained without considering the whole person.

At C Beyond Health we are passionate about providing you with complete, personalised health and wellness solutions. We are dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and skills that you need to:

  • Have abundant health and vitality
  • Live your life with motivation and passion
  • Feel and look your best – inside and out!

It’s our mission to make sure you achieve your goals by holding your hand every step of the way.

Ferdi Appelgryn – Founder, Coaching & Health Expert

Ferdi Appelgryn is a certified Life Coach who started his healing journey by studying mainstream Psychology and obtained a BA (Hons) in Psychology. His pursuit of high performance and healthy living led him to immerse himself in various alternative modalities, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy and Life Coaching. During this journey he soon realised that physiology plays a big part in the achievement of optimal health and performance.

It was not until Ferdi was confronted with his own health crisis which inexplicably left him drained of energy and crippled by anxiety that he embarked on a quest to find an explanation for his condition, which conventional doctors were unable to diagnose or alleviate. He finally came to hear about Sevenpointfive, the pioneers of live blood analysis in South Africa since 1997. He finally gained an understanding of the importance of pH, diet and effective supplementation and the role these play in promoting good health and longevity. These components brought his search to an end and opened his eyes to an entirely new chapter of possibilities.

Ferdi has since stopped taking all medication he was using before and has been using only supplementary products for years. The astounding results have inspired him to undergo the training and to open a Sevenpointfive franchise in Hermanus in order to help others who are struggling with fatigue, stress, digestive problems and other chronic diseases.

The live blood analysis and the sevenpointfive products are still a critical part of the cbeyond puzzle and in terms of achieving optimum health and vitality.

He has never been interested in, how to manage illness but rather how help people develop an integrated plan to guide them toward phenomenal health. It is his belief and conviction that no person needs to endure any of the so called degenerative diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc. It is his personal agenda to empower people to eradicate these so called diseases through attainable, simple lifestyle choices and practices. Also to make abundant health accessible to the average person.

Ferdi Appelgryn

Charmaine Smith – Managing Director, Co-founder

Charmaine is the Managing Director and Co-founder of C Beyond Health. She has built a fruitful career out of humble beginnings – notably, in the largely male-dominated media landscape. Before her dream of living a healthier lifestyle in Hermanus materialized in 2017, she was the Group Head of Strategy for Naspers’ Video Entertainment Division, MultiChoice.

Having built a home in Johannesburg, Charmaine, a young mother, started her career at the bottom, and in the customer firing line, as a Customer Service Agent. Being immersed in the fast-pace hub of the call center, allowed for Charmaine to gain deep understanding of customer needs and ensured that customer centricity remained core to her thinking from the very beginning.

Charmaine’s impressive, 28- year, corporate career has awarded her a deep understanding of the intricacies of the business environment and how to navigate the corporate ladder. The most notable of her acquired values is that of strong team-building, which played a leading role and remained center stage, throughout her career.

Charmaine has always strongly believed in mentorship, thus using her skills and experience, she guided her team, alongside her as she progressed through the company. In her words, “Young managers, in particular women, find it hard to navigate the cut-throat corporate environment and need help to position themselves in the best light for a great career. Businesses do not focus enough on mentorship which is, without a doubt, the best recipe for success.”

While Charmaine was passionate about her team and the role she played in the corporate environment, she found the fast-pace lifestyle to be extremely taxing on her health. This imbalance of mental, spiritual and physical health, inspired Charmaine to turn over a new leaf of balanced and healthy living, by the seaside.

Due to various health struggles, Charmaine has consistently looked to research to find the perfect lifestyle changes that would improve her quality of life in a way that traditional healthcare could not.

Charmaine believes that balance is the most important aspect of a healthy mind, body and soul. With this being said, C Beyond Health was born out of her desire to apply her extensive business experience in a way that would guide others to achieve that balance and live happy, healthy lives, in and out of the business environment.

Charmaine Smith

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