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We are dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and skills that you need to: Have abundant health and vitality; Live your life with motivation and passion; Feel and look your best – inside and out!

C Beyond Health was born out of the absolute conviction that physical and mental health are inextricably bound together.

C Beyond Health Products

View our range of health products specifically selected for you to stay healthy and lean
  • A Mans Zinc

    A Mans Zinc

  • Active-8


  • Advaced Multibillion Dophilus 60 tabs

    Advaced Multibillion Dophilus 60 tabs

  • Advanced Magnesium Complex 60 vcaps

    Advanced Magnesium Complex 60 vcaps


Your Mind and Body

What happens in your mind and in your body are one interconnected system and must be treated holistically. Imagine buying the latest model 4K TV without sound. The brilliant experience of the TV picture is useless, and the story is lost, without the commensurate sound experience. Similarly, your mind and body work together in the same way. Optimum health cannot be sustained without considering the whole person.

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Have you heard of Ionized Alkaline drinking water?

When I first started on the alkaline diet and learning about alkaline water I had NO idea what ionized water was, whether it was different to a distilled, reverse osmosis or why I couldn’t just use pH drops in my tap water. The whole thing about water ionizers just...

Could Antibiotics Be Making You Fat?

Have you ever wondered how gut microbes affect not only your health but also your weight? From as far back as the 1940s, farmers began to notice that low doses of antibiotics helped to fatten livestock. In humans, it has been noted that regular courses of antibiotics...

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