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This week has been a lot about cancer. Researchers are suggesting that one out of two people will be affected and cancer surpasses heart disease as the number one cause of death in many countries. I have listened to many stories of the battles with cancer, some with victorious endings and others ending in a loss.

My experiences and research have brought me to a much deeper understanding of the manifestation of this disease. There is no silver bullet.  Cancer is a complex manifestation that is as unique to the individual that presents with it and the journey or treatment.

Cancer affects more than just the diagnosed individuals it affects the immediate and extended family unit. It affects relationships, finances, lifestyle choices and is often a rude and uncomfortable awakening.

Usually, I would write about what the individual needs to do and the protocols that an individual needs to follow in an attempt to overcome this dreaded disease. Instead I want to share some of my insights and some broad lifestyle-related ideas that could prove preventative and helpful. I do think that the answer to degenerative diseases such as cancer lies in the study of health more than it would in the study of illness.

The tip of the iceberg

At the first level, the cancer tumour is not the illness. In the way that we treat cancer, the perception is created that if one gets rid of the tumour, it’s the end of the disease. That is a colossal misunderstanding the tumour is just the weakest point – the tip of the iceberg. Cancer is a systemic disease which means that it is all over the body; it’s not the tumour. If we were to think of this in terms of vehicle maintenance: if you did not maintain your vehicle, you might find that the combination of dirty oil and dirt in the engine may cause the exhaust pipe to start producing smoke. It would be erroneous want to remove the exhaust pipe because that is where the smoke is.

Degenerative diseases work similarly, and cancer most often develops over five to twenty years before there is any sign of a tumour. It is usually a combination of dietary, emotional, physical environmental, genetic predisposition factors, as well as heavy metals and parasites. Suppose we want to prevent cancer or heal cancer. In that case, we need to address a combination of these contributory factors, not just get rid of the tumour(s).

How are we winning the fight?

The USA declared war on cancer in the 1970’s before that the survival rate of cancer patients time was about 2%.  Later a long term Australian and American study in 1994 suggest that chemotherapy and cytotoxic treatments as a standalone treatment has increased the five-year survival rate to 2.3% and 2.1% respectively. That means that the 20 year war on cancer had improved the survival rate by an average of 0.2% which is quite disappointing. At the same time the good news is that the overall cancer survival rate over the same period has improved to 60%. It’s therefore clear that lifestyle and alternative therapies play a much more significant role in dealing with cancer than cytotoxic treatments and medication.

Its much bigger than the individual

Another very deeply significant distinction that we need to make is that cancer is not only systemic to the human body but is a symptom of a much larger problem. It is the conclusion of an entire disconnected, damaged and fragmented biosphere. It starts at our “broken” soils, water and oceans that produces our toxic, poor quality food and nutrition that manifests in our body’s as disease. In some sense an ultimatum for us as a species that our days are numbered if we continue with farming, industrial and fishing practices in the way that we have been.

What is the takeaway?

Your lifestyle choices do matter, not only in the treatment of cancer and all degenerative diseases, but also in prevention. I invite you to choose an even better quality of life and a happier and longer life. That means choose organic, choose GMO –free and choose sustainable. Cancer has become a wakeup call and a satori moment for many. It certainly is not the most desirable path. I am not saying that making cleaner choices guarantees us freedom from cancer it does however significantly adjust the risk.

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