The age-old question is whether success can bring you happiness. The answer is not as simple as one might think. Many people are very successful by modern standards, but they live in misery. However, there are people who have been able to get the balance right and who are successful but also love their lives.

Success is an internal standard and being successful is subjective to each of us. Success in itself, does not deliver happiness. I believe that two master components allow you to have an extraordinary life which ultimately results in what we call “happiness”, but both parts are required. Either one of the elements on their own will result in misery or a sense of meaninglessness, respectively.

  • The first one is mastering the science of achievement, which comes from understanding the three forces of creation.
  • But success is only half the story. To learn how to feel fulfilled, we’ll also cover the art of fulfilment, which is critical to creating lasting happiness.

These are distinctly different aspects of creating an extraordinary life. Still, they work together like the two sides of a coin.

The Science of Achievement

Think of this as a formula for success. Mastering achievement means that you can make your dreams real. It goes beyond just having an action plan. After all, learning how to feel fulfilled is difficult if you haven’t achieved anything.

Having an action plan is vital for you to be successful; this is where you figure out the recipe to get what you want to achieve in life. If you are focusing on any area of your life, some strategies or plans help you get what you want. To do this, find someone who has already achieved what you want and then model what they have done.

Suppose you’re going to perform in the area of health and fitness. In that case, you will find somebody who has been in your position and then was able to create sustainable outcomes that are similar to your goal.

What to do next is to model what they have done. We all know that there are a few core components that you need to track

  1. You need to focus on what you put in your body. That means the quality of the food and nourishment is going to determine how well your body works.
  2. Then the other component is about how you use your body. The way you move has a massive impact on your body’s flexibility and energy levels.

You will benefit from modelling somebody who is in a similar situation that you are. If you have let things slide for a while and walking up a flight of stairs is challenging for you, it wouldn’t make sense for you to model somebody who is actively doing an Iron Man competition because you may find that you’re not able to perform what is required and so you won’t get your results.

So, the science of achievement is just that; it is the scientific experiences of other people distilled down into a recipe, that will work for anyone.

Three components are critical in mastering the science of achievement:

  1. Focus

To make something happen, you must channel the power of absolute clarity and commitment. Remember that; where your focus goes, energy flows. You must have a desire and hunger to get started – without that, you won’t have the ability to see the process through to the end.

The only way you will move through the challenging times in your life is to create a ‘why’ and a drive that is strong enough to pull you through the tough times. The ‘why’ is what gives you the leverage to take action and to persevere when things feel tough. If you have ever experienced any obstacle that was tough for you to achieve, the reason for that was that your ‘why’ wasn’t strong enough.

We can also say that the ‘why’ behind taking actions that keep you in your comfort zone was more robust than the ‘why’ that was to propel you forward. If you think about times when you had that sense of being ready to move heaven and earth to achieve something, it was because you had a very powerful ‘why’.

The distinction is that we must make this process conscious. We often don’t know why some things feel like a slog and other activities feel like you have a drive and energy to make things happen. If there’s any area in your life where you find it challenging to achieve those results that you are looking for, I would suggest that you revisit your ‘why’.

  1. Taking deliberate action

The next step in mastering the science of achievement is taking deliberate action. This is taking steps to achieve specific results and learn from what you’ve done. Here’s where you start moving toward what you want. If your current approach to feeling fulfilled isn’t working, change it. Think about a child learning to walk. If they gave up as soon as they fell, no one would ever learn to walk. Instead, kids keep trying and trying until they’ve figured out walking, then running. No one ever says to them, “Listen, walking is just too hard. Just give it up!”

Getting to the result that you want is a process of continuous learning, and each time you get a result that you may not want, you’ve learned something that brings you closer to what you do want. Take the best action that you can and if you don’t get the results that you wish to, evaluate what is working, and what is not and change your approach. Each time taking a step closer to what you want.

Don’t reinvent the wheel; somebody has likely done what you would like to do. Shorten your time to success by learning from them. Find a model for effective execution. Find someone who’s achieved what you want – whether your goal is to earn a billion rand, lose weight or recover from cancer – and find out how they did it. Role models and mentors help us learn faster and more effectively; follow successful models, and we get results weeks, months, or even decades more quickly than by trying to figure things out on our own.

  1. Faith

Then have faith that it is going to work, and that you are going to be successful! We think of this concept in different ways; some call it “God,” others “luck” or “good fortune.” We can take all sorts of actions to make something happen, but what about the other elements on the path to success, the things we can’t control but help us along anyway? That’s faith. The more flexible you are, the more you acknowledge gifts and synchronicity in your life, and the more it shows up. Faith will also help you better understand how you can give back, which is another element in the sense of fulfilment.

Understanding fulfilment

To live an abundant life, you need more than just success. You need to live. And living requires fulfilment, not just achievement. Developing your sense of fulfilment comes from finding what makes you happy, what brings you joy.

To truly understand, feeling fulfilled trade expectation for appreciation. Instead of expecting something – falling into the trap of familiarity – appreciate what is there. Your mind alone won’t make you happy. It’s designed help us survive we are programmed to search for faults and failures, not focus on how to feel fulfilled. If you choose to find the beauty in the ordinary, like a smile or the sun on your face, and you become the wealthiest person you know, no matter how much you have in the bank. Even better, you’ll give more to those around you, creating a positive feedback loop of energy. Now when you achieve something, no matter what it is, you’ll be able to celebrate instead of a hollow victory.

How do you create fulfilment in your life?

  • Focus on the little things 

To grasp how to feel fulfilled in life, take baby steps. You probably won’t be able to build an unshakeable sense of fulfilment overnight, but with consistent effort, feeling fulfilled becomes your new norm.

  • Our relationships are our lives.

Understanding how to find fulfilment centers on the fact that humans are social creatures. When you surround yourself with people who bring you down, your focus will be drawn to the negative. When you surround yourself with positive people, you feel uplifted and inspired. You want extraordinary relationships, not mediocre or destructive ones.

  • Know what is important

In the search for contentment, it’s tempting to compromise your values to get a fleeting sense of fulfilment. But if you’re violating your values, the feeling of fulfilment will soon fade to regret. When you’re true to yourself, you will feel more authentic, and so will your results.

  • Do the best you can at the moment.

Rather than drift to extremes – perfection on one end and sloppiness on the other – learning how to feel fulfilled means living in the middle. Align your life with your values; give it your best effort and be content with the results.

  • Be at cause

Part of building relationships and feeling fulfilled is focusing on your actions. You can improve almost any situation through your own choices, but you can’t influence someone else’s actions.

Your big question?

Are you willing to play this game of life all in? Are you ready and willing to commit to living an extraordinary life?

This guides every single area of my life because I’ve committed to living an inspired life and an extraordinary life. Everybody wants to live a story book life or even an inspired life, but there’s a reason why it is called an extraordinary life because it’s not ordinary. Living life at an exceptional standard is not something that comes naturally for most people. Living an extraordinary experience is a real choice that you need to make and live.

The idea and reality of an extraordinary life mean something different to each one of us. Each one of us has our sense of what an exceptional experience is. However, the one thing that you cannot replace, well not yet, is your body, and it is through your body that you experience your world. As much as your body is an incredible machine, if you break, it becomes tough to fix. Living life in pain and discomfort is a choice that you make either consciously or unconsciously. Your decision to start living an inspired, extraordinary life consists of mastering the categories of your life.

Living an extraordinary life starts by making that decision that you are going to live life by a different standard.

Start small by deciding on what steps you would like to take to make your life even more extraordinary today. What do you consciously appreciate in your life to today? I invite you to spend a moment just thinking about all the things in your life that you appreciate and tell at least one person how much they mean to you. Especially if you haven’t done so for a while.

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