Looking for some simple meal ideas that help to promote healthy gut bacteria? We have got you covered. There are a number of easy to make dishes that will help to promote a healthy gut. From smoothies to main dishes, these meals are quick, simple, and also delicious. Keep reading to find out how to promote healthy gut bacteria with the right meals.

Easy Meals for Healthy Gut Bacteria

Here are some ideas for healthy gut bacteria…

Berry Smoothie

The Probiotic: Greek yoghurt
The Prebiotic: Berries

Smoothies are not only delicious and great for weight loss – they also help your gut, too. Greek yoghurt is loaded with good bacteria, containing Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Add in some wild blueberries, which are rich in prebiotics as well as fibre. You can add even more to this smoothie by including flax seeds (great probiotic) and banana (an excellent prebiotic). If smoothies are not your thing, you could try a parfait instead to get the same value.

Antipasti Plate

The Probiotic: Green olives, soft aged cheese, flax crackers
The Prebiotic: Roasted asparagus, garlic roasted veggies

If you include tummy-friendly additions such as soft aged cheese such as feta or brie, broccoli and asparagus roasted in garlic, and flax crackers, which are high in probiotics, you will have a balanced snack that helps to promote gut health. Asparagus is high in prebiotic fibre, while garlic is filled with antimicrobial properties, which is key for balancing your gut bacteria.

Cottage Cheese and Crackers

The Probiotic: Cottage cheese
The Prebiotic: Flax crackers

Cottage cheese is low in calories and high in probiotics. Choose a high probiotic cottage cheese and layer onto a nurturing flax cracker or few to enjoy the benefit of prebiotic soluble fibre that helps repair the gut, while delivering omega 3 and other goodness.

Miso Soup

The Probiotic: Miso
The Prebiotic: Scallions

Made from miso, which in turn is a soybean product made from salt and koji (a probiotic fungus known as Aspergillus oryzae), gut-healthy miso contains a total of nine amino acids. Combined with the prebiotic green onions or scallions used in this soup, which are high in insulin and other goodness, you will have a highly nutritious soup.

Miracle Noodles with Green Peas and Cheese</h3

The Probiotic: Green peas, goat cheese
The Prebiotic: Shirataki noodles base, asparagus

Also known as skinny noodles, miracle noodles are made from konjac, which is perfect for anyone seeking a healthy diet rich in prebiotics. With just 20 calories per serving, these noodles are ideal as a replacement to regular pasta. Although they are taste-free, they soak up dressing easily. One of the tastiest ways to enjoy these noodles is with green peas and goats milk cheese. Probiotic green peas are high in Leuconostoc mesenteroides, which is said to be great for your immune system as it protects against bad bugs and toxins. Goats cheese has additional bacteria that also helps to add flavour as well as nutrients.

Crudités and Yogurt Dip

The Probiotic: Greek Yogurt
The Prebiotic: Asaragus, Spring onions, Apples, Artichokes

Cold dips are a great way to enjoy a variety of cold vegetables, including cucumber, celery, and carrot. Add Greek yoghurt for the final touch.

Beef and Barley Soup

The Probiotic: Peas
The Prebiotic: Barley

Perfect for cool evenings, this soup is not only tasty but also great for your gut. Barley is a good choice for soups thanks to it being a whole grain. Paired with a probiotic such as peas, a cup of whole grains per day can boost levels of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli after just three weeks.

Apple and Brie Sourdough

The Probiotic: Sourdough bread, brie
The Prebiotic: Apples

This delicious sandwich is sure to be tasty and healthy. Brie cheese, crisp apple, and fresh sourdough bread come together for a yummy sandwich. Remember to keep the apple skins on to get the full benefit. Pectin is found only in the peel.

Lentil Soup with Sourdough Bread

The Probiotic: Sourdough bread
The Prebiotic: lentils

Another way to enjoy sourdough bread is lentil soup. The fermented wild yeast and bacteria break down the gluten and sugar, creating healthy gut proteins. Add with lentils and you have a powerful combination that wards off inflammation easily.

Kimchi Quinoa Bowl

The Probiotic: Kimchi
The Prebiotic: Asparagus, spinach

Kimchi is an Asian fermented vegetable dish that is typically made of cabbage, scallions, and radishes. Paired with probiotic vegetables such as spinach and asparagus, kimchi is excellent for tummies as well as weight loss.

Kefir Smoothie

The Probiotic: Kefir
The Prebiotic: Blueberries, Flax Seeds

Kefir is another thing to try – especially if you have a dairy intolerance. Perfect for smoothies, this drink can help counter the effects of lactose intolerance, stopping gas and bloating. Pair with blueberries and flax to add even more benefit.

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