If you have ever wondered why it is so important to reduce acidity in the body, you’ve come to the right place. Being acidic can wreck every part of your life and body. That statement sounds drastic, so let me explain why it is so important to prevent an acidic body from taking away any more than it has already done.

When you live an acidic lifestyle, one of the first and biggest effects is reduced energy levels. If you wake up with little to no energy, feeling tired with many energy dips over the course of the day and plenty of irritation, the reason for this is very likely due to having an acidic body.

Most wellness experts will agree that when you are fatigued, with no energy, it very quickly goes on to affect other areas of your life. The result is a reduced mood, a lack of motivation, an inability to react quickly to situations, and even problems in your ability to think, exercise, work and function in a way that moves you towards your goals.

Why is so important to reduce acidity? Let’s take a look at just how much havoc an acidic body can cause.

Why Reduce Acidity?

The body fluids of the healthy are alkaline (high pH), whereas the body fluids of the sick are often acidic (low pH). Most degenerative diseases attributed to aging, such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, as well as other diseases like allergies, kidney stones and gallstones, have all been scientifically linked to calcium and other mineral deficiencies that result in the body fluids becoming acidic. Acidosis is a common denominator in over 150 degenerative diseases. When foods are eaten they are broken down and oxidized in the body, resulting in the formation of a residue. Depending on the type of food you eat, this breakdown residue will be alkaline or acidic.

When your body is more alkaline, you have plenty of energy, life is good. Just about every area of your life will feel the effects. You will very likely feel more inspired, more alive and more alert. You will also feel positive in your thinking. You will wake up each day in a good mood, ready to face the day. You will feel more able to invest in your well-being, nourishing your body with healthy food, healthy ideas and healthy moods. You will also be able to forge better relationships with your loved ones, co-workers, business partners, customers and others in your life. You will be more positive and you will make better, more positive decisions as a result.

On a higher level, living in an enhanced state of energy and positivity has a knock-on effect for those around you, too. When you are living with energy and positivity, you inspire others to do the same. This is something magical. The best part is that it all comes from making healthy decisions that reward you with all the energy you need to live your best life.

Remember the energy you had as a teenager? You can have that energy now, whatever your age! That energy is inside you. You own it and it is not going anywhere. Sadly, your energy is being drained by your body. Your lifestyle is directly affected by your energy. Only you can decide whether you want to live a life of energy or a life of exhaustion.

If you’re ready to make a move towards energy and life, one simple way to take charge is to reduce your body’s acidity and re-energise from within. Your body needs to use every ounce of energy to combat acidity. The body works so hard to maintain a healthy pH level of 7.365 that it does not have much energy left for your needs. Embracing a low acid diet and lifestyle is the most effective way to reduce body acidity and reclaim your energy.