Sfera Vitex Agnus Castus


This all-natural hormone balancing herbal supplement helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause, and works to alleviate irregular periods and cramping. Vitex Agnus Castus, also known as chasteberry, really is a natural goddess’s best friend when it comes to keeping your body’s cycles in balance. By taking Sfera’s natural chasteberry capsules, you can help to regulate your body’s progesterone-to-oestrogen ratio, keeping those low moods and other unpleasant PMS symptoms at bay. By keeping your hormones in harmony, Sfera Vitex Agnus Castus can even help to improve fertility. A must-have herbal health supplement for any green-minded queen.

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The hormonal balancing effects of chasteberry affect the body’s pituitary gland, low blood pressure, and improved heart functioning, giving it the following health benefits for women:

  • Reduces the symptoms of PMS, including cramps, breast tenderness & breakouts
  • Helps to ease the anxiety, tension & mood changes that accompany PMS or menopause
  • Stimulates & balances the production of oestrogen & progesterone
  • Helps to curb the excessive production of testosterone
  • Reduces the excessive production of prolactin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland during ovulation
  • Helps to regulate excessively long or short menstrual cycles
  • Helps to normalise excessively heavy periods
  • Helps to combat infertility by lengthening the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle & normalising low progesterone levels

Did You Know? Premenstrual Syndrome is typically caused by hormonal imbalances that occur during the luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle (after the egg is released from the ovary). During this time, the body may produce inadequate oestrogen and progesterone, or excessive testosterone. By working to rebalance these hormones, Vitex Agnus Castus helps to relieve the unpleasant physical and emotional effects of PMS.

The antimicrobial and antifungal activity of chasteberry also helps to combat organisms like staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, E. coli and candida albicans.

Please Note: If you are taking antidepressant medication, birth control pills or hormonal supplements (oestrogen or progesterone), please consult your health care practitioner before taking Vitex Agnus Castus. This is a herbal medicine that affects your hormones in a real way, and taking it correctly and at the right time in your cycle can make a big difference in it working the way it is meant to, and will help you avoid any unwanted side effects. It is best to check with your Natural Health Practitioner, especially if you are trying to fall pregant.


Take one to three capsules per day with food or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

It is common practice for agnus castus to be taken as a single dose each morning (throughout the cycle) before food to assist with hormonal regulation. May be used long term within normal dosage range.


  • Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Not suitable for anaemic women.


Each vegetarian capsule provides:

  • Chastetree berry extract 4:1 (Vitex agnus castus) 200mg
  • Chastetree powder (Vitex agnus castus) 200mg

Other ingredients: Cellulose vegi-capsule, vegetarian magnesium stearate


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