Ashwagandha KSM-66 Extract


Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine used for millennia as a tonic and rejuvenator. New research confirms its capability as an exceptionally effective anti-stress agent and brain protectant, and is quickly becoming a key component in many nootropic stacks.

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Studies and reports indicate that Ashwagandha may:

  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • Have Cognitive Enhancing Effects
  • Treat Various Health Issues

Studies and clinical trials have tested a wide range of dosages, from as little as 50 mg once a day to as much as 1250 mg several times daily. The consensus is that the median effective dosage is from 300 mg to 500 mg.

Users taking ashwagandha in conjunction with other anxiolytics, including nootropics like Aniracetam or Phenibut may find that a smaller dose is effective. As always, the best dosage advice is to start with the lowest possible effective dose and only increase as needed.

Ashwagandha should be taken with food. It’s generally best to take it in two or three doses over the course of a day, but if a single dose is required, it should be taken with breakfast.

Ashwagandha may increase the effects of tranquilizers, sedatives, or other anxiolytics, including alcohol and some nootropics.

It may also potentiate drugs taken to reduce blood pressure or regulate blood sugar, so use with caution if you’re taking other medications.


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