Watermate KDF + Carbon Water filter


The Watermate Replaceable Cartridge Countertop Purifier uses eco-friendly coconut shell carbon and KDF to remove dissolved chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, bad tastes, and odours. The purifier requires minimal maintenance (cartridge lasts 12-18 months). It costs less than R40 per month to run.With a Watermate filter fitted to the faucets, ordinary tap water taste like clear fresh mineral water.

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Connects to end of faucet and sits on counter-top
Easy to install – Requires no plumber
Easy to remove and transport – Good for people who rent
Fits most standard faucets – Includes assorted adapters
Includes lead-free faucet diverter
Specifically designed for use with bacteriologically safe municipal water
Bacteriostatic – Prevents bacteria growth
Removes hundreds of contaminants
Improves taste and colour
Eliminates odours

Benefits and Recommended Uses:

Counter-top – Good for tenants
Entry level product – Very affordable
Replaceable cartridge – Very cost effective
Replaceable cartridge – Easy maintenance


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