Truefood – Chia Flax Meal 200g


Truefood – Chia Flax Meal 200g

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Truefood Chia & Flax Meal – 200g.

Truefood’s Chia & Flax meal is obtained from the cold-pressing of the seed oils, resulting in a low -carb, high-fibre meal that can be added to smoothies/porridges or used in grain-free baking. Remember to add extra liquid if using for baking.

Flax seed is one of the richest sources of Lignans, an antioxidant that is both antibacterial and anti-viral, it maintains hormone balance and cellular health. Flax may also be beneficial for menopausal women and assist with regulating menstruation.

High in Omega 3 (ALA) which prevents heart disease, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, improves memory function and brain health as well as promote healthy skin and hair. The ample levels of magnesium in Flax seeds help to regulate calcium and potassium levels in the body as well as assist with heart health, increased energy and calming nerves. Magnesium can also prevent the onset of osteoporosis and heart attacks.

A great source of fibre, Flax seeds help to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol as well as promote digestive health by maintaining healthy gut bacteria. They also assist with detoxification, fat loss and sugar cravings. The mucilage gum that is found in flax seeds can also increase the body’s nutrient intake, by slowing the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine.

Chia seeds are renowned for having high levels of omega 3, calcium, fibre, antioxidants and protein. Like flax seeds, Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 (ALA) they can improve memory function and reduce inflammation or cholesterol. Further to aiding expecting mothers during pregnancy by replenishing nutrients, boosting energy and slowing sugar absorption. The seeds are beneficial for bones and teeth due to a high content of Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium and they are considered to be the best source of fibre in the world. Chia maintains friendly gut bacteria as well as assists with reduced body weight and preventing hypertension.

Studies have shown that Chia seeds can have considerable improvements in type 2 diabetes and with high levels of antioxidants, the seeds help prevent disease by fighting free radicals within the body. Chia is noted as an effective food for anti-aging along with promoting healthy skin and heart health.

– Partially – defatted milled chia and flax seeds

– Dimensions: 175mm x 100mm x 30mm
– Capacity: 200g
– Warranty: Non-Returnable


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