Memory Care 60 vcaps


An all-natural blend of Mushrooms, Herbs and Amino Acid this complex will deal with any memory issue, such as:

  • Improving Memory function
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Long-term memory function
  • Repairing neurological trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Recovering from emotional and physical trauma
  • Adaptogen and Stress formula

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Supporting nutrients:

Bacopin (Bacopa) is a tropical plant that is generally known for its cognitive and memory improving capabilities. In the Ayurvedic medicine system of India, Bacopa is very often prescribed for memory improvement as well as enhancing one’s cognitive ability and to promote optimal brain function. It is especially good for improving attention and focus.

Centellin (Gotu Kola)
In use for thousands of years in Asia, Centellin is a leafy herb that is a member of the parsley family. Centellin traditional uses include promoting healing of wounds and resolving skin conditions, in addition to improving mental clarity. In more recent times, research on Centellin, indicates that it is effective in stimulating cerebral circulation, which promotes brain health.

Centellin contains many nutrients, which may contribute to its medicinal properties, including several B-vitamins, vitamin C and a handful of phytonutrients such as flavonoids, tannins and polyphenols.These phytonutrients supply it with antioxidants – beneficial compounds that prevent damage to your cells and help ward off disease.One of the most well-known Centellin benefits is its potential to improve cognition and sharpen memory.

Gingko Biloba
Ginkgo biloba, which is also known as maidenhair, is an ancient plant extract that has been used in China medicinally to heal various health ailments for thousands of years. In fact, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that ginkgo biloba is the oldest tree species on earth, and today it is one of the top-selling herbal treatments worldwide.

Ginkgo’s been widely studied for its effective anti-inflammatoryantioxidant, platelet-forming and circulation-boosting effects. According to current research, ginkgo biloba benefits include improved cognitive function, positive mood, increased energy, improved memory and reduced symptoms related to multiple chronic diseasesfor instance, it’s been used as an asthma natural remedyADHD natural remedy and dementia treatment. In fact, it’s believed to be so effective that it’s even a prescription herb in Germany!

Boswellia is an Ayurvedic plant that contains triterpenoids called boswellic acids. It is native to India and used for centuries by Ayurvedic doctors. The terpenoid portion contains the boswellic acids that have been shown to be the active constituents in boswellia.Boswellia extract has been used traditionally to treat arthritis, ulcerative colitis, asthma, coughs, sores, and to correct disorders of the digestive system. Research shows that boswellic acids inhibit a specific enzyme crucial in producing certain chemicals important in the process of inflammation. Also, extracts of boswellia have been studied as an aid to standard care for malignant glioma. Use of boswelliaserrata appears to decrease symptoms, probably by decreasing inflammation in the brain.

Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system which causes a progressive breakdown in the structure of nerves (“demyelination”) in most patients. This nerve breakdown brings about a deterioration in cognition in as many as 70% of those with multiple sclerosis. This cognitive deterioration can significantly affect a patient’s quality of life, being perhaps the most important determinant of employment status and associated societal costs. It also adversely affects driving safety, household task completion, social activity, physical independence, rehabilitation progress, coping, treatment adherence, and mental health.

L-theanine may sound like an unknown substance, but there’s a good chance you have encountered it before: for example, in the cup of green tea, you drank this morning. Questions have been raised about whether L-theanine, a type of amino acid, can have beneficial effects for those suffering from anxiety.

Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

Common Names: Giant jellyfish, Hair jelly

Lion’s Mane mushroom is definitely an historical Chinese medicine that’s developing a powerful following in the world of modern smart drugs. Its capability to boost all round cognitive function, confirmed neuroprotective capacity. Useful for hundreds of years as a general tonic as well as health treatment, Lion’s Mane is indigenous to China, Japan, North America as well as Europe. Although it was typically recommended as a general restorative, its effect on the brain happens to be recognized as well as historical physicians used it to deal with what we would now call neurodegenerative illnesses.

But whilst cognitive enhancement is considered the most essential effects of Lion’s Mane, it’s far away from the only one; studies claim that Lion’s Mane is really an effective neuro protectant that may be beneficial in the management of a startling variety of conditions which range from cardiovascular health to obesity and also some kinds of cancer.

Lion’s Mane is really a distinctive nootropic; almost everything about it, from effects to time frame to methods of action is very distinctive from modern nootropics just like the racetams. But ongoing research continues to verify its strength as well as potential like a brain and cognition enhancers as well as an incredible number of nootropic users are finding it an invaluable accessory for their supplement regimen.

Adverse Reactions / Interactions:

  • None known

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