Reishi 30% Extract


Reishi is a medicinal mushroom with widespread use in China and other regions for thousands of years. The resurgence in interest stems from scientific evidence Reishi may be useful for reducing symptoms of anxiety, fighting tumor growth, and general immune health.


  • Extract: Minimum 30% Polysaccharides (From Fruiting Body)
  • Method: Dual Extraction (Water/Ethanol)
  • Source: Basswood farm, Mount Holyoke (Anhui, China)
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Studies and reports indicate that Reishi Mushroom Extract may:

  • Increases Well Being & Reduces Fatigue
  • Stimulate The Production Of Nerve Growth Factor
  • May Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • Enhances Immune Response
  • May Promote Relaxation & Sleep

A common dosage is arranged from 400 – 1800mg taken daily.

Reishi most commonly helps you relax, thus promoting sleep, but for some, it can also increase energy and wakefulness. Best to try it out to see how it affects you.

Reishi mushrooms are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FRA and historical use is not associated with severe side effects. However, mild side effects may include dry mouth, dry throat, bloody nose, skin rashes and/or allergic reactions. Side effects that occur are generally mild and pass quickly.

It is important to speak with your doctor before you start to take reishi mushroom extract or any other reishi supplement to reduce the risk of drug interactions and side effects.


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