Chocolate Bliss Drink 250g


Chocolate Bliss Hot Chocolate was fashioned to create the balance between a delicious chocolate drink and functional ingredients to ease the guilty conscience a little.

There are no unnecessary fillers like maltodextrin, lactose or whey protein, they main ingredient is cocoa powder.
We did not add any sugar, but opted instead for coconut blossom sugar which contains insulin and other important minerals.

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What makes it unique

Reishi mushroom is the key ingredient of this blissful chocolate drink.  Cocoa is very stimulating and Reishi has a very calming energy. Reishi is a medicinal mushroom of immense value from immunity to antiaging.

Orafti Synergy – Inulin which is a prebiotic

Himalayan salt – salt has an amazing effect on chocolate to lift the flavor.

Spices – added to have a warming effect on the body, balance blood sugar and increase circulation.


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