Dear friends, you’ve made it!

It’s been another challenging year, and if you have made it, You have full permission to pat yourself on the back!

The C Beyond Health team would like to thank you for your continued support and commitment to a healthier, more conscious way of life this year. We listened to many stories of people and families overcoming such adversity this year. As we enter 2023 (cautiously and with apprehension), it seems we are not entirely through it all yet. However, 2022 – brought us the “gifts” of resilience and trusting the process of life and living, however hesitant or resistant we may have been to receive them! We have become stronger, more resilient and more resourceful than before, albeit with bodies and minds just a little tired and punch drunk from the wild ride of 2022.

The two learnings I have made are that no matter how noisy and challenging things become around me, the precious moments are still in the small moments of connection between people. The second is it doesn’t matter how disastrous the media and your mind tell you it’s going to be; it seldom is quite as bad, and somehow we find a way through – every time!

Whether you are taking a break during this festive season or at another time, I invite you to do so to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit as much as you can. And to find the opportunities in 2023 to participate in your way to leave each situation just a little better than you found it, even if that means you will smile a bit more this year.

Happy Festive Season!
We wish you and your family a blessed festive season, and may the New Year bring much love, abundance, great health, success, adventure, peace and magical moments every day!

Warm Regards,
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