Dear friends,

We used to dread the holidays anticipating the impact of the silly season deluge of overindulgence on our health and waistline. Although global trends indicate that this is changing, not all of us are on board yet. There are three categories of people:

The first category of people is still left in the past, and unaware of the benefits of the changing trend. They are usually the people who require a holiday to recover from their holiday. If you identify as somebody in this category and are happy with this experience, then that’s fine – no judgment! If not, I want to let you know there are different ways of doing things.

The second category are people who have seen the opportunity of doing things that contribute to their overall health and wellness during these times, but they might need to learn precisely how to bring some different activities into their holidays, because many old habits are quite entrenched.

The third category is that you have noticed that the holidays are a time when you can invest in your health and wellness. There is an opportunity to fill your holiday with activities that rejuvenate and energize your body and mind. You already know you can return from holidays with more physical energy, a robust immune system and emotional resilience, ready to take on whatever next year is going to dish out.

Regardless of where you are; what is essential is that you take some steps beyond where you are right now. Even if you do one more thing to invest in your health and wellness, it’ll put you on the journey.

I’d like to share five easy and achievable steps that you can take to make a significant difference and get the most out of these holidays.

The first thing to do is to commit that you are going to do something to invest in your health every day. Then, whether that is planning it out in your diary or making a booking for a few massages, whatever it is, decide when and how you are going to do it for the next two weeks.

Here are some easy and simple things you can do to make a surprising impact

Doing as little as 30 minutes of walking every day, whether you take a walk in a forest, mountains, beach or even walk around your neighbourhood. A 30-minute walk doesn’t sound like much, but the benefits from a mental, emotional and spiritual point of view are huge! It helps to balance out your stress levels, and the lymphatic system resets your vagus nerve, supports your vascular system and is also a whole lot of fun.

Just one 500 ml juice per day can easily supplement your vegetable intake by 5 to 7 servings per day. That is your whole recommended vegetable intake in one go! So, whether you juice yourself, order some frozen vegetable juice or even get some from your local supermarkets, it doesn’t matter; get juicing, and it’ll make a tremendous difference.

Add a delicious and nutritious salad to each meal. It won’t only stop you from overeating but also supplement your live enzymes, electrolytes, fiber, vitamins and minerals and hydrate you at a cellular level.

Don’t overthink this one; you don’t need to know how to meditate. You only have to sit in the Lotus position for hours if you choose to. Meditation can be as uncomplicated as just consciously focusing inward when you do everyday things, like when you go for your walk or even when you wash the dishes. Meditation is a great way to alleviate repetitive, monotonous, and menial tasks you do daily.

Water is the only way the body can detoxify, so whether you infuse your water with lemon and berries, alkalize or have it neat, focus on having around 2 liters of water per day. Get yourself a two-liter water bottle and make sure you finish it every day, and it will also offset most of the damage done by overindulgence.
Just try these 5 simple things that will at least protect you from the health pitfalls during the festive season and, at best, provide you with a way in which you could come out on the other side the healthier, stronger and more resilient you than when you started.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or speak to any of our friendly, helpful team. We will be available throughout this festive season. Our Eastcliff Village Branch will be open every Monday – Saturday, if you would like to come in for some advice or stock up on your health goodies. You are also very welcome to email me with any questions or inquiries about your health.

Charmaine, myself and everyone at C Beyond Health, wish you a fantastic, healthy holiday!

Warm Regards,
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