Have you ever considered whether eating healthy is enough to achieve optimal health?

For most health nuts, the answer is a no-brainer: A simple and emphatic No! The dictionary describes optimum health as: “the best possible” or “most favourable.” Your health could be optimum but very few of us have reached that pinnacle. So, what about being healthy enough to live our lives without the usual crutches such as:

  • A cup of coffee to jump-start our energy
  • Anti-inflammatories to keep the aches and pains at bay
  • A jolt of sugar to get us through the mid-afternoon slump
  • A well-deserved glass of wine to soothe our frayed nerves at night

Most people on a good diet need more energy and the capacity to deal with daily life without relying on some crutch or supplementation. So if that is something you identify with, I want to reassure you that you are not alone, and it is unlikely even to be your fault.

Poor health and lack of energy only have two causes. The first is nutritional deficiency, and the second is a build-up of toxicity in the body. Some scientists suggest that between 90 and 99 % of all diseases are related to these two components. Leaving between one and 10% to causes of genetic origin.  We can see that the impact of degenerative disease and neurological conditions is becoming apparent at earlier and earlier ages. Conditions that used to impact people in their advanced years, such as cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases, are now more frequently affecting younger people and even children. Many of these conditions can be directly correlated to the decline in the quality of food globally. Supplementation of nutrients remains the only truly accessible option even to start addressing the wide-scale malnutrition that exists due to the industrial food options that are readily available to most people.

So how did we become sick and malnourished with more “food” available than ever before?
  1. Junk Food

We have found a way to make food cheaper, which means heavily processed. And hardly nutritious – they are not organic or even fresh, and often, they are loaded with salt, fat, sugar, or unhealthy additives!  Even unprocessed foods are generally full of growth hormones, GMOs, and other concerning compounds. Eat whole foods and organic wherever possible.

  1. We Encounter More Toxins Than Ever

The world is a much different place from when our ancestors lived here. Every day we breathe in toxins that we release into the world, and we haven’t even discussed what we put into our bodies on purpose! Our bodies need more nutrients to handle and combat those toxins in our modern and ever-changing world. Unfortunately, the nutrients in food today are not up to te challenge, especially when you think about all the food that we eat that is low in healthy vitamins. A Daily antioxidant can help with the harmful poisons we experience in our everyday environment.

  1. Producers Create Genetic Hybrids That Have Low Nutrition Values

Some producers (the makers of our fruits and veggies) are learning how to create hybrid forms of these foods to enhance them. Either changing their colour, weight or even how long they last on the shelf. Unfortunately, this kind of genetic manipulation drops the nutrition values. What looks like a fat, delicious orange is nothing more than sugar and water and probably indigestible cellulose.

  1. Even Our Water is Depleted of Minerals

The way modern water production methods work, coupled with the excessive use of filters, even our water is depleted of minerals. Yet, humans have relied on nutrient-rich water sources for centuries to get the essential minerals our bodies need. There are various ways to remineralise your drinking water.

  1. Long Distance Produce

Much of the supermarket produce is transported over long distances. As a result, the vitamins and nutrients in produce are depleted before we even see them on the shelves. Buying local and organic produce is your best option for the maximum amount of nutrition! Think about going to Farmer’s Markets or even starting your garden!

  1. As we age chronologically and metabolically, we assimilate fewer nutrients

As we get older and the food becomes more foreign, we have a more challenging time digesting food and assimilating the nutrients we need. Vitamin supplements and digestive enzymes can help compensate for nutrients lost during digestion and consumption.

  1. You Need Nutrients To Exercise

Your body demands more nutrients when you exercise for proper energy production and recovery. Supplements can bridge the gap between the nutrients we need and the food that is lacking. Therefore, the more you exercise, your body needs to maintain optimum wellness.

So, why take supplements?

Unfortunately, even a “good, balanced” diet is not enough to be healthy. When you consider the combination of poor food choices, over-processed foods, and poor farming practices, the nutrition we eat is sub-standard. As a result, many people (including the elderly, vegans, alcoholics, and those with absorption problems) were not getting adequate vitamin intake. Especially in today’s society, taking supplements is an essential step towards optimum wellness!

If you are still trying to convince yourself that taking supplements can mitigate at least some of the challenges to achieving a healthier you, give us a call and talk about what we can do to get you back on track!

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