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It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride on this planet in the past while. As with everything, there have been both positive and negative outcomes of our COVID 19 experience. If this were a computer virus, we would hasten to uninstall it from our lives, but alas not.  This seems to be something that has, and will continue to be, part of our lives in some way. One of the biggest casualties has been our freedom. I would suggest that it is undoubtedly a heavy toll to pay and a lot to process. Having said that, if I know the human spirit, we will soon adapt to the changes that have taken place around us and find a way to reconnect with our inner joy and courage.

However, before that can happen, we need to find time to process the losses that we have most certainly suffered. We have lost income, certainty, the freedom to move around as we wish, the freedom to connect with the people that we care about, freedom to gather at sports events, learning institutions and music and arts events. These, amongst others, are losses that we have endured and will grieve over in the coming times.

Interestingly, one of the first positive outcomes that came from  COVID 19 was a connection with those that were close to us. Many people organised themselves to be close to their loved ones so that that they could face this microscopic monster together. There has also been a positive impact on nature because of the reduction of various kinds of pollution.

Also, refocussing on our own health became a priority. We have become more discerning in what we put into our bodies and an unintended blessing from the lack of availability of junk foods and highly processed foods.

As far as the virus is concerned, it also seems like there is some good news on the horizon. Initially, due to the lack of reliable information, it was tough to make an informed decision and we were biased toward caution and panic.  Of late that has changed, and we can learn much from those countries who have gone before us.

Here is some good news:
Let’s first look at this in context; nobody wants another human to perish, and yet people die every day, and Influenza(Flu) takes its toll every year.

Complications from Influenza kills between 6000 -11,000 South Africans every year. About half of those deaths are in the elderly, and about 30 percent in HIV-infected people. People with chronic illnesses like diabetes, lung disease, and heart disease are also at increased risk of being hospitalised from the flu. Globally 600 000 – 650 000 people die of the flu every year.  That is just the regular flu, not COVID19.

The team from Oxford’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease published their research on how much COVID-19 has spread so far. I think the results will surprise you…

  • The research models determined that COVID-19 has already infected somewhere between 36% and 68% of the U.K. population.
  • It’s highly likely that a third to more than half the population has had or has COVID-19…
  • Most of them being asymptomatic – they didn’t even know they had it.
  • Italy’s National Institute of Health released data that confirmed more than 99% of all COVID-19 fatalities were people already suffering from underlying medical conditions. Only 0.8% of the fatalities were healthy adults.
  • Infectious disease experts at Johns Hopkins University stated that the actual number of cases was likely 100 – 200 times larger than what was being reported.
And here is why this latest research over the last few days is fantastic news for us all…
  • Johns Hopkins University reports that there are more than 883,225 confirmed cases. The reality is that there are almost certainly more than 88,322,500 cases.
  • While that may appear scary, it means that the actual mortality rate would be 0.049% or less. Compare that to the mortality rate from influenza in the 2017–2018 season (0.14%), and you’ll find the justified optimism easily.
Every day, the data is giving us a lot to be optimistic about. The world is quickly building immunity to COVID-19.

My conclusion is that we have much to learn about our response to such threats in the future. Still, at present, the most current data suggests that the danger is not what we expected, and we get to fight another day!

For now, some of the action points include:

  • It is time to focus on your health.
  • Loving yourself enough to invest in the best nutrition for yourself.
  • Nurturing your psychological wellbeing.
  • We can strive toward a positive and optimistic outlook.
  • We can avoid the mainstream media and recognize that they are out to startle us not to inform u

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